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Emergency Tree Removal On A Holiday Weekend

May 28th, 2019 Safety,Tree Service

Spring hit us hard, with heavy rains and several windstorms blowing through. Breezy winds caused a maple tree to topple right onto a townhouse in Blue Bell, just before the start of Memorial Day weekend.

Despite the holiday, Jose, Daniel, Jonathan, Victor, and Miguel from Willow Tree and Landscape Company piled into our trucks and headed straight over, working all day on Saturday to remove the tree from the house and deck.

As you can see in the photos, the tree was completely hollow at the base. Due to its size and the fact that the trunk was sitting directly over a $20,000 generator, the tree needed to be removed with a crane. However, the only way to get to it was to reach over the townhouse. The reach was too long for our crane, so the great people at Lift Techs Crane & Rigging offered to send their 40-ton crane over to help us out!

The first thing we did was to tie up and brace the trunk to make sure that the tree didn’t shift or fall as we started to remove pieces of the tree. With the weight supported, we slowly removed pieces, talking with the crane operator with bluetooth headpieces to determine how much weight the crane could lift with every pick.

When we finally removed the last piece of the tree, which was sitting on the deck, the braces worked perfectly to support the tree and prevent it from doing any additional damage. In the end, we were able to safely remove the tree without causing further destruction to the house or deck.

While the homeowners may have lost their deck space for now, we were pleased to alleviate at least some of their stress by removing the tree and protecting their home from any more harm. Even on a holiday, Willow Tree and Landscape Services are here for all of your emergency tree removal needs.

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I'll admit it, I was very scared about having our maple tree, that was easily over 100 years old removed. I love trees and we waited seven years until it was obvious it had to come down. Willow was up for the task with the largest crane I've ever seen in my life. Yes, a "serious" pruning of our Magnolia tree was required, but that was the only way they were able to have the crane go up and over our garage.

Shawn saw my sadness about the Magnolia and explained to me that within five years I probably won't even notice it.

Less than a week later they came back today and ground the stump for us. Once again I hid because this massive machine was only several feet away from our glass patio doors. The crew was meticulous in placing up wood boards to safely protect our home. And both times they cleaned up the area to perfection.

Thank you to both amazing crews, to the owner who came out himself to assess the job and provide the estimate, and to his lovely daughter in the office who is always so nice on the phone!

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Harriet S.