Tree Service

Tree Care Tips for Late Fall and Early Winter Months

What months are an Arborist’s favorite for Trimming and Pruning Trees? Now through March! Once the leaves and temperatures drop, trees go dormant and less stress is caused by proactive… [ Read More ]

Blue Bell Tree Trimming

Willow Tree Service was hired to remove and prune trees from home in Blue Bell.

Careful Dresher Tree Removal

Willow Tree Service was hired to remove multiple large trees from a home in Dresher. See how a tree gets taken down using a 45-ton crane.

Winter Is The Best Time For Tree Service

Willow Tree Service still perform tree services in the winter because it is the best time for multiple reasons. Read on to find out why!

Storm Damaged Tulip Tree Tips Onto Willow Grove Home

It’s essential to perform regular tree maintenance before a storm hits.

Pear Trellis Rust: A Damaging Pathogen To A Common Tree

Blooming Pear Trees Means it’s time to treat for Pear Trellis Rust.

Safeguarding Fort Washington Synagogue With Tree Trimming

These dead and dying ash trees were safely removed by our team!

Emergency Tree Removal On A Holiday Weekend

Despite the holiday, our team was there to help a family in need.

Keeping A North Wales Property Safe With Tree Removal

With an 89 foot tall mobile lift on our side, our team expertly removed a large, very dead oak tree.

Ft. Washington Tree Trimming Keeps Students Safe And Sound

These tall Ash trees in Ft. Washington received a much-needed trim leaving them beautiful and safe to walk under!

Protecting Your Property With Safe Tree Removal

Watch as our team removes a towering maple tree – which was surrounded by homes and growing just inches from a wooden privacy fence – without causing any damage.

Removing Dead Branches In The Wintertime

How can you tell if a limb is dead? Here are four telltale signs.

Why Winter Tree Pruning Is Great

The weather might seem less than ideal, but it makes for some pretty excellent tree pruning conditions!

Lansdale Tree Trimming Protects Property From Winter Storms

These oak and maple trees are ready to face the strongest storms Mother Nature can muster!

Keeping A Blue Bell Property Looking Gorgeous With Annual Tree Services

Trees are living things that need constant care if you want them to grow to their full potential.

How To Prepare Trees For A Hurricane

The worst time to find out your trees can’t outlast a storm is as their branches are falling around your home.

Our Top Priority During Tree Removal: Safety

When it comes to our equipment and our team, safety always comes first.

Quick And Safe Tree Removal In Lafayette Hill

We were able to remove the tree safely and without damaging the house or surrounding property.

Free Tree Removal Estimate Answers Questions In Ft. Washington

When working with Willow, you’ll never be left in the dark!

Emergency Tree Removal Ensures Safety Of Holland Home

Our experts were able to remove the tree without damaging the house, and left the property cleaner than it was when we arrived.

Tree Cabling Saves A Beloved Tree From Removal

If your favorite tree is about to lose its limbs, don’t cut it down! There might be a way to save it.

Glenside Tree Pruning Saves A Tree And Keeps A Yard Looking Beautiful

No need to cut down a tree that is ruining your landscape with its debris. Just give us a call and let us help!

Keeping Penn State Abington’s Campus Safe And Beautiful For 30 Years

It’s amazing how trees can grow in such a long period of time!

The Advantages Of Winter Pruning

Winter pruning comes with all the benefits of spring pruning plus some added benefits.

4 Must-Follow Steps To Protect Trees From Storm Damage

You should definitely follow these tree care tips before the next big storm.

Fall Is For Tree Planting

We’ve got everything you need to know about planting in the fall.