COVID-19 Safety

Willow Tree Service has received an exemption approval from the State of Pennsylvania to continue operations.

Per the recommendations of the federal and state governments, we have implemented a series of policy changes to help protect our employees and the general public and still provide our services.


Our arborists are still conducting estimates. Our arborists wear face masks and maintain appropriate social distancing. If you are uncomfortable meeting face to face, our arborists can also talk to you on the phone during or after they walk your property.


We have implemented a number or changes to help protect our operating employees. They are as follows:

  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet to be maintained at all times.
  • Employees to drive separately to the job in their own vehicles so that they do not need to be in the same truck together.
  • All work orders to be sent electronically to eliminate face to face interaction with sales and office staff.
  • Face masks required for all employees.
  • Staggered daily start times to limit the number of employees at our facility at any specific moment.


Our office will now be staffed by only one employee, while all other office staff will work remotely. This will allow us to continue to take your calls and still keep our employees safe.

We are continually monitoring recommendations from the federal, state, and local governments to keep our employees and the general public as safe as possible during this unprecedented event.