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Ft. Washington Tree Trimming Keeps Students Safe And Sound

June 20th, 2018 Pruning,Tree Service

Summer is in full bloom and the sun is shining bright over our heads. There’s nothing like the summer sun – but it can be scorching! Seeking refuge under the shade of trees is necessary this time of year.

Outside Germantown Academy in Ft. Washington stand a number of tall and majestic ash trees, ready to provide shelter to nearby students or passing pedestrians. With that in mind, the last thing you’d want is for someone to get injured from falling branches!

Willow Tree and Landscape Services was called in to trim the branches and upper crown of these ash trees. This process prevents loose or weak branches from falling down in case of unseasonal wind or rain. It also ensures the trees will look fantastic throughout the year!

Watch as our team expertly thinned out these treetops, cutting down all loose branches and removing debris. We brought in our best equipment for this project with safety as our top priority

While our experts made it look effortless, pruning Ash trees is not an easy feat – they can grow up to 60 feet tall at maturity! In this case, we brought in a bucket truck and trimmed all loose and potentially harmful branches to make sure pedestrians seeking shade will remain safe. As always, we removed all debris and the area was left cleaner than when we got there!     

Whether you’re looking for tree pruning, tree removal or landscaping in general, Willow Tree & Landscape Services puts safety as our #1 priority. Our team is here to make sure your outdoor area looks beautiful while ensuring the project is completed safely. 

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We had a super tall (maybe 80-100 foot tall) and super wide oak tree (choked with English ivy) removed, along with a few other smaller trees to open up our backyard. You cannot tell there was anything ever in the yard after the tree was removed and stump ground and leveled by Willow. Ed is a great arborist and gave us a very fair price, though they weren’t the cheapest bid we had, and the estimate was the final cost. No surprises! The team was professional and worked safely and quickly. Definitely recommend!

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Patrick D.