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Winter Is The Best Time For Tree Service

January 21st, 2021 Tree Health,Tree Service

Clients are sometimes surprised that Willow Tree Services still performs tree service in the winter – And they’re even more surprised when our arborists say that winter is the best time for many tree services.

Here are a few reasons why:

Winter pruning reduces stress and insect damage

Winter is the best time to remove live limbs, particularly large limbs or sections of a tree because the tree is dormant and not focused on putting on new growth. In addition, the cold weather means insects won’t be attracted to fresh pruning cuts.

Frozen, hard ground allows access to difficult to reach areas

For pruning or tree removal jobs where we need to drive onto lawns that are often wet, winter is sometimes the only time of year where the ground conditions allow us to access the tree. For this reason, many of our golf courses, homeowner associations, and residential clients will save some of their larger tree removal projects for winter when we can best access the trees.

Landscape plants are dormant, minimizing or eliminating damage to nearby plants during the work

Many of our clients have beautiful landscaping beneath their trees. Performing the tree work when these plants are dormant allows us to keep their landscapes looking pristine.

Winterizing Evergreens in PA & NJ

Winter tree work rates are lower

Due to the reduced demand for tree work in the winter, we discount our standard rates which means the best prices of the year for our clients.

Do you have tree work that needs to be done? Well, there is no need to wait until the spring! Contact Willow Tree & Landscape Services to get your free tree estimate today.

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What They're Saying

I'll admit it, I was very scared about having our maple tree, that was easily over 100 years old removed. I love trees and we waited seven years until it was obvious it had to come down. Willow was up for the task with the largest crane I've ever seen in my life. Yes, a "serious" pruning of our Magnolia tree was required, but that was the only way they were able to have the crane go up and over our garage.

Shawn saw my sadness about the Magnolia and explained to me that within five years I probably won't even notice it.

Less than a week later they came back today and ground the stump for us. Once again I hid because this massive machine was only several feet away from our glass patio doors. The crew was meticulous in placing up wood boards to safely protect our home. And both times they cleaned up the area to perfection.

Thank you to both amazing crews, to the owner who came out himself to assess the job and provide the estimate, and to his lovely daughter in the office who is always so nice on the phone!

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Harriet S.