Tree Health

Tree Care Tips for Late Fall and Early Winter Months

What months are an Arborist’s favorite for Trimming and Pruning Trees? Now through March! Once the leaves and temperatures drop, trees go dormant and less stress is caused by proactive… [ Read More ]

Winter Is The Best Time For Tree Service

Willow Tree Service still perform tree services in the winter because it is the best time for multiple reasons. Read on to find out why!

Storm Damaged Tulip Tree Tips Onto Willow Grove Home

It’s essential to perform regular tree maintenance before a storm hits.

Pear Trellis Rust: A Damaging Pathogen To A Common Tree

Blooming Pear Trees Means it’s time to treat for Pear Trellis Rust.

Removing Dead Branches In The Wintertime

How can you tell if a limb is dead? Here are four telltale signs.

Why Winter Tree Pruning Is Great

The weather might seem less than ideal, but it makes for some pretty excellent tree pruning conditions!

Horticultural Oil Provides Year-Round Plant Protection

One simple application can keep destructive insects away from your trees and shrubs.

Tree Cabling Saves A Beloved Tree From Removal

If your favorite tree is about to lose its limbs, don’t cut it down! There might be a way to save it.

Keeping Penn State Abington’s Campus Safe And Beautiful For 30 Years

It’s amazing how trees can grow in such a long period of time!

Winterizing Your Evergreens

With winter approaching, it’s important to think about taking some winter evergreen protection measures in your backyard. Trees and shrubs suffer damage during the cold weather months from desiccation, another… [ Read More ]

The Advantages Of Winter Pruning

Winter pruning comes with all the benefits of spring pruning plus some added benefits.

A Guide To Fall Tree Foliage

Exploring Fall Colors in Pennsylvania One of the blessings of living in Pennsylvania – and of working as an eastern Pennsylvania tree trimming service – is the chance to see… [ Read More ]

Common Shrub And Tree Pests And How To Treat Them

Not all bugs are bad, but we know how to get rid of the ones who are!

How To Remove Unsightly Bagworms From Your Trees And Shrubs

It’s an unpleasant name, for an unpleasant creature!

How To Identify And Treat Bacterial Leaf Scorch In Oak Trees

Click here to learn how to identify the bacteria, when to test for it, how to treat it, and more.

Surviving The Emerald Ash Borer In PA

According to the Save The Ash Tree Coalition, it’s the “worst natural disaster to affect the entire eastern hardwood forest of the United States in the last century.”

5 Tips For Healthier Landscape Plants

If you want your landscape to look amazing this summer, you’ll definitely want to read this article.

How Homeowners Can Improve The Health Of Their Landscape Trees

Trees treat us well, and it’s our job to return the favor!