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Careful Dresher Tree Removal

January 26th, 2021 Tree Service

Recently, Willow Tree Service was hired to remove a number of trees at a home in Dresher. Many of these trees were quite large, making the job a perfect candidate to use one of our cranes.

Willow Tree Service owns two cranes that we use for tree removals, a 45-ton crane and a 26-ton crane, both made by Altec.

For this tree removal, we used the larger, 45-ton crane to safely and efficiently remove the trees. There are a few benefits to using a crane during tree removal. It allows every piece of the tree to be moved under complete control while also allowing us to move around large trunks and limbs. When combined with our log truck, the crane makes tree removals safer and more efficient.

In the time-lapse video below, we are using the crane to remove one of the smaller trees on this job. However, the process in this video is basically the same for larger trees: limbs are first removed before the trunk is ultimately picked apart by the crane.

Whether you’re looking for help with seasonal tree pruning, general landscape services, or a massive tree removal project, look no further than Willow Tree Services. We’re here to help you get your landscape looking incredible while completing every project safely and efficiently.

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