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Quick And Safe Tree Removal In Lafayette Hill

July 20th, 2017 Tree Service

There are a number of reasons why trees must be removed from the yards of homes. An unsafe living condition is certainly one of those reasons.

Willow Tree and Landscape Services recently removed a hazardous, dying tree in Lafayette Hill. When we arrived at the property, we noticed a few key reasons why this tree must be removed safely and quickly.

Not only was the hazardous tree too close to the house, but there was also a fire pit and sitting area for the family located directly under the tree. The bark of the tree had also begun to peel causing tree branches to fall periodically creating an unsafe sitting area for the family.

Having an unsafe tree of this size in your yard requires a quick and safe tree removal. Fortunately, Willow Tree and Landscape Services is here to help! Take a closer look at this project:

In this case, to ensure the safety of all our employees we first had to make sure that our equipment had the proper space necessary to remove the hazardous tree. Ensuring this tactic ultimately made our next step of removing the tree without harming anyone or causing any damage to the home quite simple. 

With dying and unsafe trees in your yard, let the experts at Willow Tree and Landscape Services help!

Click here for more information on Willow Tree and Landscape’s tree removal services. 

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