All Natural Mosquito Program

This program provides an all-natural way to control mosquitoes. This program reduces the risk and hassle of mosquitoes on your property while using a worry-free all-natural product.

Program Overview

  • 7 monthly treatments between April and October
  • Target adult mosquito habitats with low-volume sprayers.
    • Adults prefer moist, shady, protected locations. Edges of wooded areas, tall grasses, shrubs, foundation plantings, the lower canopy of trees, groundcovers, and under decks and bay windows.
    • Mosquitos do not need to be present at the time of spray. By coating the habitat the mosquito will eventually interact with the product.
  • Target immature mosquito habitats in any standing water.
    • Place mosquito dunks in larger bodies of standing water (if any). The product kills eggs but does not harm people, pets, fish, or birds.

Tips for Homeowners:

  • Limit standing water.
    • Standing water is a potential breeding ground.
      • Ponds, tree cavities, birdbaths, old tires, buckets, clogged gutters, etc.
    • Things like wheelbarrows or pots can be turned upside down to prevent water from pooling in them.
  • Drain standing water once a week.
    • Mosquitoes usually need 10-14 days to go from egg to adult. If you dump standing water once a week, you can prevent any mosquitoes in the water from becoming adults.
    • For example: The water in a birdbath can be emptied and replaced once a week to disrupt mosquitoes that may be growing in there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you use?

  • Each low-volume spray treatment is made with Tick Killz. This effective product is made from 100% all-natural ingredients. Tick Killz complies with EPA regulations for 25(b) exempt pesticide ingredients, meaning the EPA has determined that the product poses little to no risk to human health or the environment. Standing water treatments are made using Summit Mosquito Dunks which kills mosquito eggs using naturally occurring bacteria.

How do you protect bees and butterflies?

  • Tick Killz is non-toxic to bees and butterflies. In addition, as an added layer of protection, we avoid treatments to plants in bloom.

How soon after treatment can I use treated areas?

  • People and pets can enter treated areas after the product is dry, typically 1-2 hours after treatment.

I didn’t see any mosquitoes when you treated. Will the spray still work?

  • Mosquitos do not need to be present at the time of spray. By coating the habitat the mosquito will eventually interact with the product as it has a long residual presence.

What times of the year are mosquitoes present?

  • Mosquitos can become active in the spring when temperatures consistently rise above 50 degrees but are more noticeable when temps are above 70. Mosquitoes go dormant when temperatures are consistently below 50 degrees and most adults are killed by the first frost.

Will the weather affect my treatment?

  • Once dry (typically 1-2 hours after treatment) the low-volume sprays will not be washed away by rain.

Will the spray damage my plants?

  • No. The products have been tested extensively on plants and are not damaging to your landscape plants.