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Our 2023 Plant Health Care Outlook

March 1st, 2023 Uncategorized

We’re predicting a wet spring. Not only does this mean there will be an increase in ticks, mosquitos, and other invasive insects, but also an increase in soil and foliar disease pressure.

At Willow, we’re taking the initiative of creating environmentally friendly programs for our customers who are concerned about the risks of chemicals in areas close to pets, people, and foot traffic. We have an all organic tick treatment and a lawn program that is Glyphosate free.

Each unique customer program is created by a Certified Arborist here at Willow. Even if our customers choose not to book any of the treatments, each still takes away a FREE plan of action for when they are ready.

Treatments that should be on your radar this March: 

  1. Tick Sprays– to lawn and wooded areas. Start these in March to fully eradicate the insect before its most active mid summer months
  2. Spotted Lantern Fly Treatment– Unfortunately, this insect isn’t going away anytime soon. Treat all vulnerable shrubs and trees in early Spring before the adult fly emerges early summer. 
  3. Hort Oil Treatments– Best applied early Spring and early Fall.
  4. Lawn and Plant Fertilizations– Perform best when applied during the mild temps of March and April

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We had a super tall (maybe 80-100 foot tall) and super wide oak tree (choked with English ivy) removed, along with a few other smaller trees to open up our backyard. You cannot tell there was anything ever in the yard after the tree was removed and stump ground and leveled by Willow. Ed is a great arborist and gave us a very fair price, though they weren’t the cheapest bid we had, and the estimate was the final cost. No surprises! The team was professional and worked safely and quickly. Definitely recommend!

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