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Storm Damaged Tulip Tree Tips Onto Willow Grove Home

When a storm heads your way, sometimes there’s not much that can be done to minimize damage to the landscape. It can be difficult to notice when certain trees and shrubs have grown too big to withstand the heavy winds and rain until its too late.

This home in Willow Grove had a large tulip tree break and fall onto their house during a recent storm. As one of the largest native trees in North America, these large trees can grow up to 90 feet at their mature height. Unfortunately, their weak wood and branch structure makes them susceptible to weather damage.

Willow Tree and Landscaping services headed over to remove the fallen tulip tree. Upon inspection, the team decided the rest of the tree would need to be removed to protect the house.

The tree was safely removed from the home and lawn with the help of our crane. Check out the video below!

Unbalanced and overgrown trees can cause major problems during storms, especially when they are in front of the house or cars. It’s essential to perform maintenance before the storms hit – the trees are more likely to survive if maintained throughout the year.

Our specialists are here to help you protect your trees before bad weather hits. If you need to remove or prune a tree before a storm, contact our certified arborists to schedule your free estimate!

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Originally, I had hired someone else for the job. The job was cancelled numerous time and I was told Peco had to shut everything down, (they didn't) and I felt their price was a little high, but I needed the work done. After all that, I finally cancelled the other company and I am so glad I did. I called Willow Tree Service. Ed is great for starters, his price is more than fair and his workers are really the best. They left everything clean and they did a wonderful job. My yard never looked so good.
I also watched them take a huge tree out of someone''s yard and his yard looks great too. Hire them - I am sure you won't regret it.

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Pat K.